After serving as a guest engineer when co-hosts Sarah and Dimity come to Minnesota to record live episodes, I'm now producing all three of Another Mother Runner's regular weekly podcasts – Another Mother Runner, AMR Trains, and AMR Answers – which explore the intersection of running, training and mothering. Click the "read more" for full details and to listen to episodes.

I enjoyed the great privilege of working with Historic Saint Paul to produce a series of videos documenting the amazing historic and cultural heritage preservation work they are doing in Saint Paul. We released a video each week during their Pledge for Preservation campaign in November-December 2020.

Freedom's Promise is a podcast I produced, recorded, and edited. The series was created by professor and author Duchess Harris. Duchess wrote and hosted the show with her son, Zach Thomas as a co-host. Freedom's Promise explores African-American topics that are covered in Duchess's book series which is written for third-to-sixth grade readers. In each episode, Zach and Duchess provide an overview, share relevant audio clips, and engage in honest dialogue about the issues and people connected to the featured topic. Click the "read more" for full details and to listen to episodes.

Coco's Barrio – Teatro del Pueblo's bi-lingual live theater and variety show – is now a podcast! I was a sound engineer and live-on-stage Foley sound effects performer for the original Coco's stage shows. Now I have the honor of recording, associate-producing, sound designing, and editing the Coco's Barrio podcast. It's just like the stage show but more intimate with new surprises. Check out all of season one's episodes and follow as season two continues to unfold in 2022!

Sue Scott's podcast, Island of Discarded Women, is a mix of radio theater satire, original songs, and inspiring conversations with women who share their personal stories. As an honored ally, I engineered the recording of the podcast's live performances during its inaugural tenure at the Nord Social Hall in Minneapolis. Click the "read more" for full details and to listen to episodes.

For nearly a year, I was "embedded" with the archaeologists at Nienow Cultural Consultants as they conducted a Comprehensive Literature Review – basically a full survey of cultural, historical and archaeological features – in a federally-defined geographical buffer area surrounding the Camp Ripley military base in central Minnesota. My job was to document their work which included: discovering long forgotten "ghost towns"; conducting a public archaeology dig; interviewing local historians, etc. I went along for the ride with video camera and microphone recording it all. Check out some of the videos I created during the project.

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