Airstream pizza kitchen

The story is long and wonderful. Ask me about it sometime. Bottom line, I was lucky enough to acquire a vintage 1967 Airstream that had been converted into a mobile kitchen complete with a wood-fire pizza oven. Over a period of six or so years, I took it places to make pizza and bread, collaborating with passionate community groups and providing private pizza events as a fundraising premium for organizations I love. I also set up at local taprooms and neighborhood festival adding more joyful fun to the endeavor.

Alas, I only had the capacity to do so many things with my life and the Fire on the Bluff trailer became woefully under-utilized. As of July 2020, I'm in the process of transitioning the trailer to a community-friendly party that wants to have it up and running permanently, making pizzas on the spectacular patio of a popular East Side Saint Paul joint. If things work out, it'll stay in the neighborhood and be at one of my favorite spots. I'm mentoring them on how the oven works as well as my recipes for dough and pizzas. So, the spirit will live on and, hopefully, be far more frequently available than if I held on to the trailer myself. Stay tuned for news and thanks so much to all of you who supported me and expressed a love for the pizza and solidarity during this exciting side journey of mine.