About Fire on the Bluff

Hello, I'm Barry Madore. "Fire on the Bluff" is how I brand the work I do. From the moment we moved to Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul's historic East Side urban neighborhood, I've been inspired and encouraged by my neighbors to pursue my passion for neighborhood development and arts-related projects.  Project ideas were floated; collaborators and grant opportunities came together; Fire on the Bluff  as an umbrella brand was thereby launched. 

"Fire" to symbolize energy and passion but also literally invoking the wood-fired oven mobile kitchen I was lucky enough to own for a too-short wonderful period of years. This kitchen – inside a vintage 1967 Airstream trailer – served as a roving headquarters for neighborhood arts and food-based collaborations that have shaped my world of late.

"Bluff" for the St. Paul neighborhood of Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul where we live. Fire on the Bluff is committed to focusing on efforts that engage the community starting right here on our block and radiating out to whomever and wherever our connections reach. 

What do I do these days? I'm immersed in the world of audio storytelling. In 2014 I joined a group of Dayton's Bluff neighbors that had spent years visioning for and then launching a neighborhood low-power FM radio station. I was honored to be a part of the team that wrangled the technical details to getting WEQY 104.7 FM on the air. While it was on the air as a community station, I helped with programming including coordinating a Get Out the Vote community radio campaign and helping coach on-air talent. Since that day, I've evolved into producing and editing interview, cultural, and audio drama podcasts. Check out my Radio >> Podcasting >> Storytelling page updated details and to listen to some of my work.

I'm always seeking new ideas, new energy and, especially, collaborators of all types. Never hesitate to contact me with a question, or better yet, an idea.  And if you want more information about the path my professional career has taken, check out my LinkedIn profile for all the gory details.