The trailer's ours!

Photo of Airstream hooked up to pickup truck in driveway.
Newly purchased Airstream hitched to Darrold's pickup

It's a done deal!  Well, almost (I'll tell you about transferring the title later).  Darrold and I made it to Stephen's driveway in Reamstown, PA where the X-Stream Cuisine trailer has been living a serene life this past year.  Stephen showed us the ropes -- hitch connecting, opening the service windows, plumbing specifics, electric brake details, tips on kitchen work flow, etc. etc. 

As I noted, we're still in the process of transferring the title which we were unable to to do at the local notary.  But while we waited to find this out Stephen told me how he has collected license plates since he was a teen, how he met Jim Fox (James Gang drummer) at a license plate convention, and how he (indirectly through sales on EBay) traded his collection for a Martin guitar, top-end mandolin and a custom-made banjo.  From boxes of old license plates to becoming a one-man bluegrass band -- that's ingenuity.  Wish I could say I turned my vinyl or old camera collections into a mobile pizza kitchen, but, nope, I have all 3 (for the time being).

Back to the story, wended our way back to Darrold's daughter's place and after some sloped-driveway-induced difficulty were able to disconnect the hitch and set up the trailer for a temporary stay here in PA.  Ellen and Mike are incredibly generous hosts.  We're eating incredible local food and finding our small world is much smaller than we thought.  And Ellen's Airstream fanaticism knows no bounds.  Turns out she found the X-Stream Craigslist listing about the same time I did and sent it to Darrold hoping he would want to purchase it.  How many more serendipitous connections will I discover as this journey continues?  We'll see...

Photo of Darrold and Stephen in driveway beside trailer and pickup.
Darrold and Stephen talk hitches in the driveway before we hauled the trailer away.